Taste of Pizza, form of a dip

Love this amazing Italian Pizza flavoured dip with nachos

Creamy Mushroom

The rustic feel of mushroom with hard bread will make you sway


It's tangy, it's salty, it's delicious

About Dips Don't Lie

What started as a passion for cooking has now acquired the shape of a small, young and fun food venture. We, at Dips Don't Lie, cater to fresh, home-made, made-to-order gourmet dips with a twist. Why with a twist you may ask? Because we prepare newer, edgier and funkier dips. Not only are our ready-to-eat dips a perfect snack in-between meals but also the perfect party food! Therefore, indulge in some delicious binging because our dips, don't lie!

How We Work


Prepared with love

Freshly made, made-to-order gourmet dips prepared following the most stringent quality checks. No preservatives are added to ensure that the dips are absolutely fresh, healthy and tasty. They are lovingly made in our kitchen just for you.


Delivered to your doorstep

Located in the beautiful city of Mumbai, we at Dips Don’t Lie take pride in the fact that our home-made goodness can be delivered to your doorstep. So, select from the mouth-watering dips and just sit back and relax while we do the delivery for you.



When you place an order with us, we take the time out to ensure our gourmet dips are customized to your needs. We know that every person relishes food in their own unique way, so we do our best to guarantee a personalized experience for your taste buds.


Special occasions come up ever so often in the span of a year, but when they do, they always give you cause for a celebration. In light of that thought, we always look forward to making such occasions even more special for you. Our customizable hampers are guaranteed to steal the spotlight for any occasion on demand. Be it a corporate get-together that your boss has planned, calling your family over for Diwali or the announcement of your baby nephew, we’ve got a dip to serve your every need. Special occasions have never been more savoury!

Want to fall in love with our Dips?


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Customer Love

Uff. This is INSANELY yummy stuff. Where do I begin? The Mediterranean dip Is a must-have in your refrigerator - healthy, yummy, convenient. Not to mention fresh fresh fresh ingredients!
The Oreo PB is just divine. I've never been a PB fan. But OH MY GOD. Heaven.
Damn, I missed mentioning the Jalapeño Popper. Oh wait, I'm too busy revisiting bliss to bother writing more.

Customer Testimonails
Saira Ansari Mumbai

Loved it, lived it & will surely come back for more of it! These dips sure don't lie, they just blow your mind...

Customer Testimonails
Trina Mukherjee Mumbai

Very rarely u come across tasty food which is light on ur tummy.. dips don't lie is the best example of such food.. extremely fresh ingredients... yummy to taste and exactly wht a dip shud do... they make u wanna have it again and again... a must have for every party of mine are these dips... esp the nuts over oreos... its divine...

Customer Testimonails
Binitha Dalal Mumbai

The ultimate in Gourmet dips.. absolutely nothing of which you would have ever tasted before...
Their desert dip Nuts over Oreo is a must try..
I am particularly partial to the French Onion Dip.. so flavoursome ... The pizza dip is a hit among kids n moms..
What I feel unique is the smart choice of ingredients which makes the dips not only yummy but healthy too
This festive season i am sure they have made a permanent place in many party menus..
They are great for daily snacking too.. instantly add flavour to the boring diet food
Way to go Kinnari Mody

Customer Testimonails
Pooja Jain Mumbai

There's a new food delivery service in town and it's something to 'Dip' into immediately.
From luscious chilled hung curd dips (the caramelly French onion is) to warm-able cheesy ones (my fav is the jalapeño popper) to dessert ones
(the- "can't go wrong" sinful Oreo-Nutella) this is one party favorite, no appetizer tray is complete without.
Try em next time you throw a get together, easy peasy. Now I'll get back to stuffing the classic dip in my cucumber sandwich mid afternoon snack.
Ps: LOVE the fact that no mayonnaise is used in any *thank god* ... and I'm always out of dahi when I make last minute plans to have people over. Can't wait to see what dips don't lie creates next !

Customer Testimonails
Nikhil Merchant Mumbai